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caroline_klaus's Journal

A Caroline/Klaus ship community...
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Welcome everyone to caroline_klaus, a community dedicated to Klaus/Caroline from the CW's The Vampire Diaries base on the book series by L.J. Smith.

Community Rules:
1. Please tag all your post. If there is no tags for your post please tag it with !need tag. that way the mod can tag your post.
2. No bashing on Caroline or Klaus. This is a community dedicated to them. No drama will be tolerated.
3. Keep Graphics larger than 400x400, fanfiction, fanmix, under a lj-tag.
4. Only 3 icons are allow for preview. It should include Caroline or Klaus and Joseph and Candice.
5. All post must be about Caroline or Klaus and Joseph and Candice. No off topic post allow.
6. If you wish to promote any communities please contact the mod first for permission.
7. Your fanfiction must have the following heading:

Your mod is dhfreak. Feel free to PM with any questions or problems.

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